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The elemental natures are discordant, and, in this case the qualities are likely to be out of synch with one another. However, the planets offer hope as they can work well together. If you are willing to comprimise regularly, you can add another point to the reationship. This is considered to be a mismatch by some people, but because of the relationship of the planets, things can work out favorably. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and set in their ways. Libra’s ideals are admired by Scorpio, but it’s difficult to reach a place of harmony in which your signs are in agreement with one another. The results, however, can be worth the effort.

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However, Jsshrack you are also onto something. I, personally as well as the other Libran frinds I have, do not date within the common social circle of an ex or even someone we have just had a sexual relationship with. My guess is you are either dealing with a chronologically young or emotionally young Libra who is actually flautning hsi interractions with other women with some level of consideration of how it would make you feel.

A Scorpio woman in love is not likely to turn down the opportunity to try a new position or sex toy, and you should utilize this part of her personality to keep your sex life interesting. Avoid getting into arguments with a Scorpio woman, as she is unlikely to ever relent from her point of view.

I believe he was speaking of a Scorpio woman. When seeking revenge, she will wait patiently until her enemy or competition is at his weakest before she attacks. When people meet Miss Scorpio, they react in one of two ways. They either come closer to find out more about her, or they get as far away from her as possible.

She appears to act cold at times; however, the truth is she feels so deeply that she needs alone time to process what life is handing her. Her powerful emotions come from Scorpio’s ruling astrological planet, Pluto, which represents life, death, and regeneration. This cycle describes, perfectly, a Scorpio woman preparing for the next phase of her life. Feeling so deeply contributes to the passionate temper of a Scorpio.

Libra Woman Scorpio Man

There is no doubt that life and love with a Scorpio can be incredibly rewarding and fun. The sign of Scorpio rules over death, rebirth and the sexual organs. As such it is considered an Alchemist. Alchemy speaks of transmutation, a skill that begins with one element and ends with another, much like death is simply a journey towards re-birth and new beginnings. Scorpio, when at her best, is capable of great advancement from one state of being to another. Therefore, if she is entrenched in one or more of her more negative emotional states, she has the magic to ascend to more positive states of mind and being.

LIBRA + SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Libra is light and Scorpio rules darkness, but your searing sexual chemistry blazes through borders. As a couple, you’re quick to bed and slow to wed.

Source Scorpio the Mysterious Scorpios have played a big part in my life. One of my best and most valued friends is a Scorpio. I have married two of them – including my current and hopefully last husband. I have always been drawn to Scorpios – male or female. Of course, I am a Pisces so that is not surprising. Scorpios can be fascinating and frustrating, irresistible and exhausting and undoubtedly the hardest sign to truly know in the zodiac.

Scorpios live in the murky underworld and only emerge when they choose to do so. Unlike most signs, Scorpio actually has three symbols – the snake, the scorpion and the eagle.


In order to seduce a Scorpio woman, you will need to be patient and willing to let her take the reins of the relationship. You should provide your full attention when she is speaking, and if you are telling her a story, you need to provide actual details instead of just skimming the surface. Going on a date with a Scorpio woman can be a highly entertaining experience, as she is more likely to be interested in going water skiing than to a movie.

Do not let her wild side fool you into thinking that she will be an easy conquest, however.

How to Attract a Libra Man as a Scorpio Woman: If you can tie your receptivity to an interest in his career, somehow, that’s a great entree. You have to begin at a .

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. These two signs are oftain attracted to each other, but as you pointed out, Libras enjoy their freedom very much. A Libra individual seeks a partner who can make him feel complete and bring out the best in him. His kind of partner needs to have lots and lots of patience, since he takes a lot of time to arrive at a conclusion and take a decision. He has to analyze each and other aspect of situation, weigh its pros and cons and then, finally determine which side to be on.

Even after so much deliberation, he may instantly change his mind if he thinks that he was unfair. This is because impatience disturbs his mental equilibrium and he may take even more time than before to arrive at a definite decision. A Libran desires perfection in his life and a person who likes sloppy surroundings can forget about compatibility with this zodiac sign. One of the most noticeable things about him is his warm smile and once you have been exposed to it, you will get no chances of going away from him.

As far as emotions are concerned, Scorpio takes the lead over the Libra.

Scorpio Man And Libra Woman: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

Your Heart or Sex With Strings Attached Despite their reputation for being emotional and sensitive, Scorpio women have a special brand of tenacity, insight, drive, and charm that makes them some of the most powerful leaders, influencers, and trendsetters of their time. In love, this can translate into the Scorpio woman using her magnetism to manipulate her lover into doing what she wants by offering sex, favors, or her heart with conditions out of a fear of losing power or security in the relationship.

To avoid this, stop for a moment to consider the important role authenticity plays in a strong, healthy relationship and how much manipulation and power plays undermine it. Your partner should be able to trust you too. Unfair Standards By design, Scorpios are fiercely loyal toward and protective of those they love.

Libra Scorpio Cusp Signs; Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Signs; 10 Early Dating Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost! Follow These Simple Steps! 7 More First Date Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost! Essential Reading! However, I do have a best girl-friend who is a female Scorpio and we get along perfectly!!

Two gentle souls Libra and Cancer meet each other: Can they script a love story for themselves? Libra and Cancer Personality Traits: The symbol of the seventh sign of the zodiac is a balancing beam. Libra men and women are extremely fair-minded and like to maintain the equilibrium in anything and everything they’re concerned with. Those born under Libra try very hard to please their loved ones and hate hurting anyone, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

They are kind, gentle, and non-judgmental people. Cancer is one of the most caring and helpful sun signs. Born fourth on the zodiac charts, Cancerians are family-oriented and are attracted to domestic happiness.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Scorpio

Scorpio loves romance and passion, including up-all-night fights. Scorpio never does anything halfway, and believes that true love comes with true fights. Not everything is as it seems today! Talk to a psychic now to know more Flirtatious, seductive, and mysterious, Scorpio loves playing hard to get initially, and may look like they never take the lead.

I’m a Scorpio woman and have recently started dating a Libra man. He doesn’t act like this at all, but I guess this doesn’t include the circumstances he’s been through. I’ve been through a lot too and I really don’t like having all the power in a relationship.

Online Internet Dating Advice: After filtering, you then have to conduct interviews of sorts. And we do invite you to contribute your thoughts, advice or online dating experiences in the comments here. Your Online Dating Profile: Be like everyone else. There are a few things we can accept most every woman will tend to say. Scrap that, throw it out the window.

You need to express yourself in your profile. Men can smell fake a mile away and it bores them to death. Be different, be daring, be a tad snarky in a nice, funny way and let your attitude show. Believe it or not, ladies, men like attitude. It turns them on.

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